Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) and Groundwater Extraction Reports

Groundwater Extraction Report Requirements

Groundwater Extraction Report Guidance

Groundwater Extraction Report Fees

Any person that files a Groundwater Extraction Report must pay a filing fee to cover the Board’s SGMA-related costs. (Wat. Code, sections 5202(f))

Fees for Water Year 2017

Fees for Water Year 2018 and beyond

The annual fee for reports consists of a base filing fee and a volumetric charge.

Collection of Personal Information

This information is being collected by the State Water Resources Control Board, Groundwater Management Unit, for groundwater extraction reporting required by Part 5.2 of Division 2 of the Water Code. The report must state the name, address, phone number, and an e-mail address of the person who extracted groundwater. (Wat. Code, s. 5203; Cal. Code Regs., tit. 23, s. 1032.) Failure to include this information may result in rejection of the report. You may choose to provide a Post Office box mailing address on the form instead of your home address. This form shall become a public record upon receipt by the State Water Board, and may be disclosed pursuant to a request made under the Public Records Act.

Please direct questions regarding the maintenance of your personal information in the records of the State Water Board to Natalie Stork, Groundwater Management Program of the State Water Board at phone number 916-322-6508. You have the right to inspect personal information about yourself in the records maintained by the State Water Board.